Washington Small Business Council (PAC)

About WSBC

The Washington Small Business Council (WSBC) serves as Building North Central Washington’s political action committee (PAC). The WSBC is not affiliated with any political party, candidate, or political committee and remains independent when making funding and endorsement decisions. WSBC is governed by a 5-member Board of Trustees who are responsible for carrying out all policies and activities in accordance with the committee’s bylaws.

WSBC’s purpose is to evaluate and understand the philosophies and records of elected office holders and candidates for such offices, for the purposes of advancing endorsements of those candidates and initiatives believed to best promote the beliefs, ideals and interests of not only the building industry, but small business in general–including a commitment to the free enterprise system; the protection of private property rights and a strong belief in government regulatory accountability.

Furthermore, WSBC works to formulate fundraising efforts; solicits contributions and makes expenditures for the purpose of supporting our endorsed candidates and initiatives.

WSBC Memberships

Voting Member – is any individual or company who is in good standing with BNCW and who makes a cumulative monetary contribution of $50 or more.

Non-Voting Member – is any individual or company who is in good standing with BNCW and who makes a cumulative monetary contribution less than $50.

All contributions to the WSBC are completely voluntary and are not tax deductible. For contributions over $100, the Public Disclosure Commission requires that you provide your occupation and employer name.

Questions? Please contact Kim Fenner at (509) 293-5840.

Your contribution is vital to providing the support necessary to protect small business and private property rights. Thank you for your support!