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Building North Central Washington is a non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting and protecting the North Central Washington building industry for the preservation and growth of the local economy, small business, and quality of life. BNCW works diligently to address the over-regulation of the building industry and small business in general, while passionately defending against the rising tide of land-use regulations that are eroding citizens' private property rights.

We're a member-driven, small-business organization that serves as an aggressive advocate for our members, working to support the values and principles of small business. BNCW utilizes a grassroots approach to educate local elected officials and agency staff on important issues that impact our members. We're actively involved in local policy-making, ensuring that our members' collective voice and interests are heard loud and clear.   

Destructive, dangerous regulations and policies created by non-elected bureaucrats are one of the biggest threats to not only small businesses' survival and success, but to housing affordability and private property rights, too. The reality is, there just are not many organizations doing much of anything meaningful to push back. 

We're equally passionate about marketing and referring our member companies to the public, while promoting events and networking opportunities that help to provide our members with a distinct competitive edge!

Building North Central Washington has the knowledge, expertise and commitment necessary to achieve meaningful results!


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