Required Workplace Posters

The following information and documents are designed to provide our valued member employers with convenient access to the required state and federal workplace posters and other helpful links.

Commonly asked questions & answers regarding posters according to the Washington State Employment Security Department:

Q.  What are the rules for where to display the required posters?

A.  Display them where they can easily be seen and read by employees and keep them in good condition. Areas wheryou might consider displaying the posters include the employee break room, employee bulletin board, or the area where time cards are kept. The inside of a closet door or an area where employees have limited access would not be good choices.

Q.  Am I required to display the Spanish portion of the posters?

A.  There is no requirement to display Spanish posters. We encourage you to display both English and Spanish posters if you have Spanish speaking employees, even if they are bilingual.

Q.   I have a very small office in Washington state and one employee. Do I have to display the posters in mWashington state office?

A.  Yes. If you have a business location in Washington state and one or more employees works from that location, the law requires you to display the posters on-site in a place where the employees can see and read them.

Q.  Does a construction company have to display the posters at every job site or just in the construction office?

A.  The key consideration is where the employees report for work. If your employees report to a central office, displaying in the office is fine. If they report to a job shack, display them there. You may want to do both as the posters a re free. You are not required to display them in a truck.

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