SMART A-Team Retro Group

The SMART A-Team group is designed for general contractors and sub-contractors who want to take advantage of a group retro consisting of a large premium group.

A-Team participants are committed to accident prevention and keeping injured workers on salary for no less than 30 days. In addition, by returning injured workers to light duty as soon as possible, they are able to keep their costs low. In the past, some of the firms in this group may have had challenges with safety and/or claims, resulting in higher costs. With the support from SMART A-Team and Approach, they are improving their safety record by lowering their experience factor.

The SMART A-Team has averaged between 25 and 35 percent refunds since its inception in 1996. The refund is distributed 75 percent based on performance (premium vs. losses) and 25 percent premium. Even if a participant's losses exceed their premium, they can still get some refund monies depending on the amount of premium paid into the group's pool.

While the SMART A-Team enjoys high refunds, it is their goal to lower each participant's experience factor and prevent accidents so that all workers can return home safe to their families every day.

Take the first step to see if your company qualifies to participate in the SMART A-Team Retro group by completing the SMART/PITB/BNCW Retro Release Form. For a downloadable copy of the form, click the button below and follow the instructions on the form.


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