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  • January 05, 2021 7:35 PM | Deleted user

    If your building permit is submitted on or after Feb 1, 2021, it must meet the requirements of 2018 WSEC-R. You may also need to refer to the International Mechanical Code - WA Amendments and/or the International Residential Code - WA Amendments.

    If your building permit is submitted before Feb 1, 2021, it must meet the requirements of 2015 WSEC-R.

    Commercial Permits submitted on or after Feb 1, 2021, must meet the requirements of 2018 WSEC-Commercial.

    Options for Code Compliance:

    The 2018 WSEC-R provides the following compliance options:

    R402.1.1 Prescriptive Path: The simplest approach that allows for unlimited glazing in most cases. Use the single family worksheet for single family, townhomes and additions. Use the multifamily R2 worksheet for low rise multi-family corridor or non-corridor buildings up to three stories. This path also requires compliance with R406 fuel and energy credits.

    R402.1.4 Total UA Alternative Approach Component Path: This approach is rarely used, especially when the glazing to floor area exceeds 15%. This path also requires compliance with R406 fuel and energy credits.

    R405 Simulated Performance Alternative Path: WSU is not aware that this approach has ever been used. The path relies on energy simulation computer program modeling software. To date, WSU has not identified software that meets the energy simulation software requirements. If you are interested in using this compliance path approach, please contact us at to discuss this issue before submitting permit forms.

    R406 Additional Energy Efficiency Requirement: These requirements are based on energy and fuel credits required in WSEC-R. Use the single family and multifamily prescriptive worksheets.

    R407 Passive House Path: This new compliance path in the 2018 WSEC-R allows certified Passive House projects to achieve compliance with WSEC-R. There are requirements for documentation at plan review and final site inspection. See Passive House Northwest for more information.

    New 2018 Code Compliance Calculator: This new compliance tool is designed for both R402.1.1 (prescriptive) and R4021.4 (UA Component) paths. It includes the glazing calculator and simple heating system sizing all in one worksheet. This tool can also calculate Efficient Building Envelope Options 1.3 – 1.6 using the % UA reduction in R402.1.1 path, in lieu of using the specific measure receipts highlighted below. This option in this new tool provides more flexibility to optimize energy credits, based on custom envelope measures. WSU is completing testing of this tool, which should be available in 2021.

    BNCW will create a collection of Permit Application Documents available to all of our site visitors. 

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