Chelan County Residential Construction Resolution

April 15, 2020 10:50 AM | Anonymous

Good Morning,

Some more good news to pass on this morning!  The Chelan County Board of Commissioners have followed the lead of Douglas County and passed a resolution allowing for some residential construction to continue in Chelan County.  The resolution is very similar to Douglas County but be sure to read it over for yourselves.  The commissioners have also made provisions in the document to allow some construction projects to continue around Lake Chelan within the normal high water mark due to the fact that there is a short window to complete these projects before the lake fills potential damaging uncompleted projects.

As with the Douglas county resolution, it is very important that everyone follows the conditions required by the resolution.  The Commissioners are sticking their necks out in an attempt to get people back to work. As some of you are aware the Mayor of Wenatchee has made statements that he believes Douglas County’s proclamation was outside of the Governor’s guidelines.  Douglas County Commissioners spoke with the governor’s office yesterday, while the Governor’s office did not endorse their interpretation they did not tell them to cease and desist, neither did they have any answers to the question “why is government funded construction essential, while private construction is not?”  There are currently at least 3 other Eastern Washington Counties considering similar resolutions.  There is again cautious optimism that the governor will address this issue in his 3pm press conference today.  Hopefully the leadership of our Chelan and Douglas county commissions are helping to put pressure on Governor to reconsider his position on residential and other private construction.

As always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Be safe out there!

Resolution 2020-42 Allowing Pre-Existing Home Sales Agreements to Proceed During The Stay Home Stay Healthy Proclamation.pdf

Lee Pfluger - CEO


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