Douglas County Proclamation Follow Up

April 09, 2020 4:48 PM | Anonymous

I wanted to follow up with everyone regarding the Douglas County Proclamation allowing some residential construction to continue to completion during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order.  After going through the proclamation and a brief discussion with the officials from Douglas County, there are a few points that very important to keep in mind regarding this proclamation.

  1. There are strict conditions that must be followed to comply with this proclamation.
    1. An affidavit stating there is an existing Purchase and Sale agreement or Real Estate contract and previously approved building permit prior to March 27, 2020 must be provided.
    2. An authorization letter will then be issued by the Douglas County Planning Department.
    3. Property viewings, inspections, appraisals and final walk-throughs shall be arranged by appointment only, and be limited to two people at each occurrence. Inspector May require additional measures as required by the building inspector.
    4. All persons on site must observe social distancing guidelines and applicable health and worker protection measures.
    5. County authorization form must be posted on site.
  2. Compliance requires that the owner or contractor must take proof of an exiting Purchase and Sale agreement or Real Estate contract to TLS and receive a letter of authorization BEFORE work begins and it must be POSTED on the jobsite.
  3. Douglas County is pushing the boundaries of the Governor’s order issuing this proclamation and have done their due diligence in an effort to make sure that this opportunity does not get challenged or overturned by the State.  It is crucial that all of us abide by the conditions that have been put in place to allow this work to continue.  As I’m sure you are all aware there is no shortage of people in the community eager to report contractors that they believe are violating the Governors orders.
  4. Please spread the word about the Proclamation and the necessity to comply with the conditions outline therein.

We have not yet received any official word from Chelan County but I believe they will follow Douglas County’s lead very soon.  As always if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitated to contact me.

Be safe and have a great day!

- Lee Pfluger - CEO

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